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Seattle Workshop - October 22nd

We will have a special guild meeting in Seattle. One of our guild members, Jennifer, secured meeting rooms at the Lakeside School, located one block west of exit 175 from I-5 (145th St in north Seattle). See map attached. The rooms look great for our purposes, and we are planning on meeting from 10:00am to 2:00pm. More details to follow, but please get this on your calendars.

At the October 22nd meeting in Seattle we will have a special guest Justin Prim. Justin is documenting the history of faceting in the USA, has published a book of gem designs, and has worked with gem cutters from a large part of the world. He will provide a presentation and would like to talk/interview people about gem cutting. He was a guest speaker via Zoom with the Columbia-Willamette Faceting Guild a few months ago and gave a very entertaining talk on the history of faceting in the USA.

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