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Facet-nating Information

Below are some links to very helpful videos and also useful links to various resources.


Faceting 101  By Arya Akhavan     Originally published in Sept 2014 USFG Newslette


Arya’s series of FACETING 101 videos provide a great learning and teaching experience to both the beginner and experienced faceter.  Here is the index to the YouTube Video Series from Start to finish (click the link below and the video should start):


Puget Sound Faceting Guild Constitution 

Designs at GemologyOnline 

Willamette Faceting Guild Web Site 

Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals 

GemCad & GemRay gemcad

The Facet Shoppe (John Franke’s site)

The Gemstone Artist (John Bailey’s site for Voodoo Magic Polish and others) 

Beta Diamond Products

Ameritool Inc. Lapidary and Glass Equipment 


An archive of Jeff Graham’s site


Facetron Faceting Machines, Jarvi Tool Co.


Ultra Tec Faceting Machines 


Poly-Metric Faceting Machines

The Image-Gems, Gemology, Faceting, Photography


Custom Cut Gems (Lisa Elser’s site)

Gemology On-Line  (Great resourse site!)

Properties of Commonly Faceted Minerals

Refractive Index: The higher the number, the more sparkly it is.

Critical Angle: The minimum cut angle to maintain sparkle.

Birefringence: The measure of a gem's double refraction.

Dispersion: The measure of "fire" in a gemstone.

Specific Gravity: The measure of the density of a gemstone.

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